Biosciences Area Locations

Map of BSBK Building Locations

Main Site: 6, 33, 55, 56, 64, 66, 70A, 80, 84, 86

Off Site: 1(Donner), 977 (Potter Street), 978 (Emery Station East)

Here is a map of locations that are part of the Bioscience Operations. 

For any off-site locations, refer to the LBNL map website.

Bldg. 1 (Donner)

977 (Potter)

978 (ESE)

BioEPIC (Coming Soon!)

Getting Around

Personal Vehicles and Bicycles (Main Site Only

The lab has a dedicated LBNL shuttle system that runs in and out of the main site that is free to you to use. The routes and schedules of these shuttles can be found through commute.lbl.gov. 

BSBK provides Facilities support services to members of the Biosciences Area through the support team members:

BSBK Facilties Team

Property Requests

Make appointments to scan property items. Add the BSBK Property Calendar today to get started! For any questions or concerns please contact BSBKProperty@lbl.gov

How do I add the BSBK Property calendar to my Google Calendar?


*NOTE: This procedure is for adding badge access only. BSBK Access schedule requests still need to go through BSBK-AccessRequest@lbl.gov.

The Lab has a new badge management system that allows badge-holders to go online to add additional building access to their badge. The Security & Emergency Services Division has been working on this project for several years as one step in a multi-step plan to improve security and safety at Lab sites. 

To request access, you will need to log in before following these instructions:

If you need sitewide access, please review this list of access areas and determine which, if any, is appropriate for you.

If you do not see the area you are requesting in the self-service list, please email siteaccess@lbl.gov.

Additional resources and instructional videos can be found on our new Shared Drive.

If you are an area authorizer (i.e. a SAM), you have access to the Security Access Managers Resources Google Drive.

Office/Cubicle Signage Requests

To request BSBK signage for your Office or Cubicle space, please complete the BSBK Office/Cubicle Request Form