The following safety coordinators provide the Biosciences safety support to the members of the Biosciences Area: 

BSBK Safety Team

New Staff and Affiliates

Before You Start Work

Welcome to the Biosciences Area. Before you can start work, you need a work authorization and on the job training from your supervisor or work lead. Once you have obtained your Berkeley Lab ID (LDAP) and password, meet with your supervisor or work lead to have them add you to the appropriate Work Planning and Control Activity.

Safety Resources

Please check out the Safety Resources section of this website which includes e.g. several helpful links to health and safety areas of importance to Biosciences Area staff. The Environment/Health/Safety (EHS) Division website is also an important resource, which includes a helpful EHS A-Z index here.

Safety Resources


BSBK safety team

1 minute 4 safety

Best Practices

Biological safety

Chemical Management System

Chemical storage guidance

Chemical segregation

Chemical safety

COVID-19 safety

Environment, Health & Safety (EHS)

EHS resources

Ergonomic safety

Electrical safety

Forms and templates

How Do I?

Integrated Safety Management (ISM) plan

Lab closeout checklist

Lab safety hub

Lessons learned

BSBK Operations and safety update meeting slides and recordings

Radiation protection

Safety checklists (create a list that we will maintain)

Subcontractor Job Hazard Analysis (sJHA)


Waste requisition guides and forms

Working alone guide/policy

Work Planning & Control (WPC)