Getting Started

Contact the Biosciences Operations at Berkeley Proposal Development Group

If you are planning to submit a proposal for any upcoming deadline please submit a Proposal Authorization Form. If you have any questions, please contact Biosciences Operations at Berkeley Proposal Lead, Wendi Corrales at (510) 486-5160 or e-mail as soon as possible.

Obtain Authorization

The proposal specialist cannot start the proposal process nor accept proposal materials until the Proposal Authorization Form is submitted. This form is to be submitted for all new, renewal, resubmission, supplemental, and pre-applications requiring institutional approval.

Working with the Biosciences Operations at Berkeley Proposal Development Group

A proposal specialist will be assigned to work with you. The specialist will contact you and a “kickoff” meeting will be conducted between you and the assigned specialist. This meeting will usually happen 21-30 days prior to the sponsor’s due date. Conversations will commence about the proposal specifics (i.e. deadlines, budget details, forms, sponsor requirements, etc.)

Internal Deadlines

In order to meet The Strategic Partnership Office (SPO) 5 business day requirement, the Biosciences Area has developed the following Area-specific proposal submission guidelines. 

SPO Proposal submissin dealines

Deadline Adjustments

Additional time will be required for the following:

Adjusted deadlines will be set by the proposal specialist.

Internal Deadline Extensions – Highly Exceptional

Requests for deadline extensions are rarely granted. Only if there are extreme, extenuating circumstances that are outside of the control of the PI and are not due to a lack of planning, an extension request may be considered. In such circumstance, the PI must submit the request to their Division Director.  In addition, if the PI wishes to make any changes to the proposal after the internal deadline, the PI will need to receive approval.

Deadline Schedule for Required Proposal Components

There are two deadlines for each submission, the first deadline allows for draft science components, while the second requires final science. Each deadline applies to specific proposal components either in draft or final form. Note that required proposal components may vary based on specific requirements of the funding agency.

First Deadline (8 business days before due date)

Components due on the first deadline include everything EXCEPT the final science components. At 9 a.m. on the first deadlline the following items are due in complete and FINAL form:

The following items are due in DRAFT form on the same day as those above:

Second Deadline (2 business days before due date)

At 9 a.m. on the second deadline the following items are due in complete and FINAL form:

Once Awarded

Once the PI is notified that an award will be made, the appropriate Contracts Officer should be notified so that he/she can coordinate with the awarding institution to accommodate requests for additional information, contract negotiation, and authorization of the project.