To make your purchasing experience as economic and efficient as possible, LBL offers several purchasing options, starting with the easy online ordering system, eBuy. eBuy offers a huge collection of commonly ordered items in an Amazon-like environment, and the procurement charges are lower for these orders. For a complete list of lead times and purchasing limits, visit the Know Before You Buy web page. The LBL Purchasing Guide will indicate which buying method is most appropriate.

Item Not On Ebuy? Not an Ebuy order? We can help!

If an item is not available on eBuy, you can enter your order request into the BSBK Procurement Request Form. You need a valid project ID/activity code in order and complete all form requirements to have your order processed. The BSBK procurement team will process your request within 1- 5 business days. Please allow 1-4 weeks for general items delivery. Specialized items 3-8 week delivery.


For any other requests or questions related to procurement, please email and someone from the Biosciences Operations at Berkeley team will respond accordingly.

LBL Procurement Help Desk

For general procurement questions, please contact the LBL Procurement Help Desk;

Ordering A Computer

Purchasing a computer, you need to fill out LBL Standard Computer Request Form - This form is for use by anyone wishing to purchase a laptop, desktop, or iPad from one of IT's Lab-standard models. All Operations personnel will use this form for system requests, except under special circumstances. Click here to learn more about the request for a computer. Computers may not be purchased on Division PCards or reimbursed. If a computer needs to be drop-shipped, arrangements will be made for asset tagging.

Purchasing a Computer Server

For purchases of servers, please submit the BSBK Procurement request form with your server requirements.

Custom Computer Request Form

The custom computer request form is for users who have specific computer specifications that are not available in the LBL IT standard models (ie, extra RAM, larger storage, etc).

Telework Ordering

Click here to learn more about the Telework Catalog, specifically for approved ergonomic and telework accessories. This catalog will allow ordering of these pre-approved items and direct shipping to remote locations.