Welcome to the BSBK Procurement page!

Do you want to buy something?

The place to start is eBuy, LBNL’s open marketplace.

Over 65% of the purchases made at LBNL are done through the eBuy system. Researchers and staff appreciate the ability to place orders there themselves without the delays that come with relying on administrative staff to enter orders for them. eBuy is automated, so it’s the fastest way

to get common goods and lab supplies. eBuy also features government negotiated pricing, so it’s almost always the cheapest way to get what you’re looking for.

Log into eBuy via the Financial Management System (FMS) here:

You’ll need a valid Project ID and Activity Code to make a purchase. You can obtain this information from your Supervisor or Resource Analyst (RA).

Download the eBuy Navigation Guide.

A more detailed interactive guide can be found here.

The LBNL Procurement Department has a wealth of information and tutorials here.

There are specific lab employees authorized to commit money to spend or promise to pay lab funds.

Anyone not authorized to spend or pay lab funds but does will have made an Unauthorized Commitment 

Unauthorized commitments risks either not being reimbursed or not having the vendors’ goods or services from getting paid.

Couldn’t find the item you need on eBuy? Do you need to procure a service, like sequencing or repairs? 

The BSBK Procurement Team is here to help!

Get items that aren’t available on eBuy by filling out the BSBK Goods Request Form.

Get services (like sequencing or repairs) by filling out the BSBK Services Request Form.

Your request will be routed to the BSBK Procurement Team for processing.

Get answers to your questions by emailing the BSBK Procurement Team:

The BSBK procurement team will process your request within 1- 5 business days. Please allow 1-4 weeks for general items delivery. Specialized items 3-8 week delivery.

Ordering A Computer

Purchasing a computer, you need to fill out LBL Standard Computer Request Form - This form is for use by anyone wishing to purchase a laptop, desktop, or iPad from one of IT's Lab-standard models.  All Operations personnel will use this form for system requests, except under special circumstances.  Click here to learn more about the request for a computer.  Computers may not be purchased on Division PCards or reimbursed.   If a computer needs to be drop-shipped, arrangements will be made for asset tagging. 

Purchasing a Computer Server 

For purchases of servers, please submit the BSBK Procurement request form with your server requirements.

Custom Computer Request Form 

The custom computer request form is for users who have specific computer specifications that are not available in the LBL IT standard models (ie, extra RAM, larger storage, etc).

Telework Ordering

Click here to learn more about the Telework Catalog, specifically for approved ergonomic and telework accessories.  This catalog will allow ordering of these pre-approved items and direct shipping to remote locations. 

Helpful Info

LBL Procurement Help Desk

For general procurement questions, please contact the LBL Procurement Help Desk;