Biosciences HR Resources

Berkeley Lab’s Human Resources (HR) mission is to foster the recruitment, retention, and development of exceptional scientific, engineering, and operational talent to achieve Berkeley Lab’s mission. The Berkeley Lab Human Resources website can be found HERE.

Ethical Conduct and a Diverse Community

The following “Principles of a Diverse Community” were adopted by Berkeley Lab Director, Steve Chu in 2005 as guidelines that embody the Laboratory’s commitment to building and maintaining a diverse and ethical workforce. These principles include:

  • We affirm the inherent dignity in all of us and strive to maintain an environment characterized by respect, fairness and inclusion. Our valued community encompasses an array of races, creeds, and social circumstances. We recognize and cherish the richness contributed by our diversity.

  • We accept open expression of our individuality and diversity within the bounds of courtesy, respect and sensitivity. We take pride in our collective achievements. We honor our differences.

  • As mandated by law and reaffirmed here, we will not tolerate discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, medical condition (cancer-related or genetic characteristics), genetic information (including family medical history), ancestry, marital status, age, sexual orientation, citizenship, or service in the uniformed services.

University of California Statement of Ethical Values

Berkeley Lab is subject to and strives to achieve the ethical values and standards introduced by the President and the Chairman of the Board of Regents of the University of California in October 2005. Its “Statement of Ethical Values” is as follows:

  • Members of the University of California community are committed to the highest ethical standards in furtherance of our mission of teaching, research and public service. We recognize that we hold the University in trust for the people of the State of California. Our policies, procedures, and standards provide guidance for application of the ethical values stated below in our daily life and work as members of this community. We are committed to:

    • Integrity. We will conduct ourselves with integrity in our dealings with and on behalf of the University.

    • Excellence. We will conscientiously strive for excellence in our work.

    • Accountability. We will be accountable as individuals and as members of this community for our ethical conduct and for compliance with applicable laws and University policies and directives.

    • Respect. We will respect the rights and dignity of others.

    • The University of California’s Standards of Ethical Conduct, which apply to the Laboratory, can be found here.

Routine Requests and Inquiries

For routine HR requests and inquiries, please email This alias email is intended to be a more effective method of tracking, processing, and managing HR actions. Topics may include a percentage of time changes, supervisor changes, organizational code changes, employee transfers within the division, verification of employment letters, effort changes, and other routine requests and inquiries.

  • Affiliates Appointments – Initiate/terminate an affiliate appointment or have questions? Email: Affiliate@lbl.govor Phone: (510) 486-4772.

  • Retirement - Initiate retirement or have questions about? Contact the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) at (800) 888-8267.

If you have any questions, please contact your dedicated HR team member:

HR holds Virtual Live Office Hours via Zoom Thursdays, 10 - 10:30 AM.

Please join for any HR-related questions you want to be answered! Click HERE to add to your calendar!

Tina Clarke

Senior HR Partner

JG Division


Alex Degg

Senior HR Partner

BS and BE Divisions

(510) 486-4070

Sandy Roth

Senior HR Partner

EB & MB Divisions

(510) 486-6672

Jenny Quan

HR Partner

Biosciences Area

(510) 486-6913

LaQuita Bowie

HR Assistant

Biosciences Area

(510) 495-8350

Sapana Kanakia

Senior Recruiter

Biosciences Area

(510) 612-0637

Mary Alatorre

BSA Recruiting Coordinator

Biosciences Area

(510) 219-5836

BSA's Recruitment Process:

  1. Review LBNL Resources. Visit the Hiring Manager Tools and Resources and Talent Outreach Programs sites. Consult with your Sr./HRDP and/or Recruiter for your recruitment needs.

  2. Obtain Approvals.

    • BE, BSAO, EB and MB Division - Consult and confirm with your Resource Analyst (RA) there is funding for your position prior to submitting the new hire request and ensure you have the correct PID for the hire request form. Having both items completed will assist to avoid further delays during approvals.

    • JG Division - Obtain approval from the Talent Management Team (TMT) prior to submitting the new hire request.

  3. Draft a position description (PD). HR can provide sample descriptions, as needed.

Note: PDs are not needed for Student Assistant hires unless it is a posted recruited position. Skip to Step 5.

  1. Send your drafted PD to Jenny Quan, HRDP for review. While drafting your PD, use the job leveling charts to confirm the correct job level and code.

  2. Complete the New Hire Request form to request the job posting or direct hire. Note: Select the Secondary Org Code to help us determine the main work location of the new employee. See here for the Biosciences Area work locations.

    • Recruited Hire: BSA's Sr. Recruiter, Sapana Kanakia, will reach out to the hiring manager to start the search process.

    • Direct Hire: A member from the HR Shared Services will reach out to the applicant to start the application process.

As always, feel free to reach out to your BSA HR Team with any questions you may have. We are here to support you on your recruitment needs!

-Your BSA HR Team!