Pre-Award Proposals

Planning to submit a proposal?

If you are planning to submit a proposal for any upcoming deadline please submit a Proposal Authorization Form.  If you have any questions please contact Biosciences Operations at Berkeley Proposal Lead Wendi Corrales at (510) 486-5160 or e-mail as soon as possible.

Proposal Authorization Form

The proposal specialist cannot start the proposal process nor accept proposal materials until a Proposal Authorization Form has been submitted.  This form is to be submitted for all new, renewal, resubmission, supplemental and pre-applications which require institutional approval.  Access the web-based form via the link below and follow the instructions therein:

Proposal Submission Authorization Form

Internal Deadlines

Check out the Biosciences at Berkeley internal deadlines here. 

Who We Are

Proposal Specialists

The Biosciences Operations at Berkeley Proposals Development Group processes proposals for research groups that receive services from Operations at Berkeley.

Located in Building 977.

Mailing address: 1 Cyclotron Road, mailstop 977, Berkeley, CA 94720

Wendi Corrales

Lead Proposal Specialist 

(510) 486-5160

Olga Fraga Reyes

Senior Proposal Specialist 

(510) 486-5123 

Raquel Mckelvey 

Senior Proposal Specialist


Contracts Officers

Contracts officers provide institutional approval for all non-DOE proposals and are available to provide guidance to principal investigators and proposal specialists regarding proposal development and submission.

Strategic Partnerships Office (SPO)

Located in Building 90.

Mailing address: 1 Cyclotron Road, mailstop 90-1050A, Berkeley, CA 94720

Fax: (510) 486-7580

Partnering with SPO

A List of Assigned Contract Officers by Division