Badging Info

Badge not working? 

Call or Email Site Access Office ( Bldg. 65A) 510-486-4551 / 

Note: Make sure your GERD and all relevant trainings are up to date.

Please note: If you have your badge but do not have a lbl email or login setup yet (no access to, contact your site host to setup temporary access accommodations to work at the desired location. Until you have full badge access, you will not be allowed to work onsite without site access approved host permissions. 

Site & Building Access


A badge is required to access all LBNL sites. Schedule your badge appointment in B65 on the main hill site.  Bring your ‘New Hire’ letter and government issued ID for painless entrance through the Blackberry gate. 

Building and Room Access

Now that you have your badge, you will need to ensure you have access 

to the appropriate buildings.

Note:  The deactivation date on most of your permissions is tied to your GERT expiration date and will automatically update next time you complete the training

Have you Requested Badge Access to the building?

*NOTE: This procedure is for adding badge access only.

The badge management system may be accessed at

The Lab has a new badge management system that allows badge-holders to go online to add additional building access to their badge. The Security & Emergency Services Division has been working on this project for several years as one step in a multi-step plan to improve security and safety at Lab sites. 

To request access, you will need to log in before following these instructions:

If you need sitewide access, please review this list of access areas and determine which, if any, is appropriate for you.

If you do not see the area you are requesting in the self-service list, please email

Additional resources and instructional videos can be found on our new Shared Drive.

If you are an area authorizer (i.e. a SAM), you have access to the Security Access Managers Resources Google Drive.