ESE Van Reservations

ESE and Potter St. employees have access to a government fleet vehicle, located at Bldg 978 ESE (5885 Hollis St) to be used for official LBNL purposes only. The ESE van can ONLY be picked up and returned to ESE. A badge to the ESE parking garage is attached to the keys. 

Prior to reserving the vehicle, Employees must complete the one-time training FAC0021 Government Vehicle Driver Briefing

To reserve the fleet vehicle:

1. Submit a reservation request via the google FORM

2. Gabriel Cardoso will process your request, confirm date and time with the requester, and provide instructions for obtaining the keys.

3. On the date of the reservation - AND after receiving confirmation - the driver must proceed to 4th floor reception and create an entry in the written log.

4. Once the trip is complete, complete the log entry and return vehicle keys to reception and/or a member of the ESE Ops team.

General Reminders worth repeating:

·  ESE Van is for official LBNL purposes only.  

·  Make reservation requests in advance. Same-day reservations may not be honored.

·  For any issues with the vehicle, alert Gabriel Cardoso and/or x5475.

·  Overnight Use must be authorized in advance.

·  A debit card is attached to the keys, should you need to buy gas while using the vehicle. Do not use your own money as this is NOT a reimbursable expense. A document with instructions on how to use the debit card for gas will be placed in the vehicle.

·  Affiliates/Non-Employees need special authorization.

·  Remove all garbage and clean any spills upon returning the vehicle.

Additional information can be found on the Fleet Services Website.

Any other questions, concerns, or feedback can be directed to me, Will, and Gabriel.


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